Here I Go Again (video)

HOLIDAY SPECIALS! 2 weeks only, lookie here! Hand Analysis Special Holiday Offer Coaching Special Holiday Offer Here I go again! Only this time, without anger, swearing, and fuming. (click here or image for the video) With love and purpose, Jayne

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[Hand Analysis] Work work work! (video)

Today’s Marking – Saturn Lines (Work, Work, Work!) Where: See the handprint below…The middle finger is called Saturn. Saturn lines start in various places in the hands but always run toward the middle finger. Some eventurally veer off toward other fingers, and of course, like everything else […]

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[Hand Analysis] Are You Wired for Appreciation? (video)

Today’s Marking – High and Low Set Apollo (ring) Finger Where: See the handprints below…The ring finger is called Apollo. This finger is about creativity and innovation. It’s part of your purpose, the right Apollo is called Artist in the Spotlight, and the left Apollo is the […]

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[Hand Analysis] About your pinky finger…

Today’s Marking – Low Set Mercury (Pinky) Finger Where: See the handprint below…The pinky finger is called Mercury. It is normally the lowest set finger of all…but there is low, and then there is really low. Low set Mercury finger: What: A low set (lower than average) […]

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[Hand Analysis] Stars aren’t always pretty

Today’s Marking – Inner Child Star Where: See the handprint below…The Inner Child Star is a 6-pointed star just inside the life line in the Venus zone (the fleshy mound between thumb and life line). What: The Inner Child Star indicates pretty hairy childhood stuff, to put […]

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[Hand Analysis] Angry! I lost my temper (video)

Big time anger. Very rare. I yelled big bad words at him. At first it felt good. But then I lost several hours sleep over it. Yes, I have anger markings in my hands. Do you? Watch below. (click image or click here) ************************************* A Personal Note […]

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Today’s Marking – Grand Gesture Where: See the handprint below…The Grand Gesture is a fate line that is stopped by the heart line. What: A fate line indicates how you approach work, job, projects, tasks, and/or career. They are vertical lines, usually starting near the bottom of […]

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[Hand Analysis] Is there a ladder in your hand? (read or watch video)

Where: See the handprint below…a small curved line, like a shallow ‘C’, on the outside edge of the hand in the Moon zone. Master path = Having access to your intuition and inner guidance. Student path = Tight rein on listening to inner guidance, your clairvoyance can […]

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[Hand Analysis] How much love is in your blueprint?

Today’s Marking – School of Love Here I go again! I would like to share with you how I experience this School. As a reminder, your Life School is your operating system, the over-arching energy of your life, the filter through which you experience life and make […]

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[Hand Analysis] Are decisions easy or super challenging for you?

Are decisions easy or super challenging for you? Today’s Marking – Third Eye Horizontals Where: See the handprint below…horizontal lines across the middle section of the thumb. What: Third eye horizontals are horizontal lines across the middle section of the thumb, which represents the 3rd eye. In […]

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