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My hand analysis with Jayne exceeded my expectations! It validated for me many elements of myself, my mission in life, and my business. That increased my confidence and ability to step into my purpose and gifts even more deeply. The analysis provided a clear direction moving forward…where to focus, what action to take to continue growing forward personally and professionally, and revealed specific strategies to take my business to next level. The increased clarity, awareness, and inspiration I gained are still fueling my actions and progress. It was so powerful that I am now offering a Scientific Hand Analysis to all my year-long clients!

– Rachael Jayne Groover, Best-selling author, speaker and
Creator of the Art of Feminine Presence® trainings

– Rachael Jayne Groover

My coaching with Jayne was the single most powerful coaching program I have ever experienced. As someone who appreciates the power of hiring a coach, I have been in coaching for years, yet my sessions with Jayne were unique in that I saw results almost immediately. By the 2nd session it became very clear what my life’s purpose was and how to make it a reality. If you do nothing else this year, find and live your purpose by working with Jayne!

– Karina Christensen

My hand analysis with Jayne has helped me to take charge of my life once again, both personally and professionally. It validated many areas of my capabilities and also uncovered the ones I was not yet fully aware of and feel compelled to pursue. With Jayne’s guidance, I no longer feel stuck and confused. I am taking action and am excited about moving forward to unfold my potential and live my purpose!

– Carmen

After my hand analysis session I became more aware of the hidden talents and abilities that have greatly impacted my leadership development work. I am more empowered to observe actions and feelings in human emotional systems, and the analysis increased my ability to engage leaders in meaningful conversations that positively impact their own processes and results.

– Hugh Ballou, Transformational Leadership Strategist

Feeling stuck? In a rut? Missing your mojo? Call Jayne! Simply put, Jayne is a miracle worker. If you put in the effort, she will teach you how to transform your life. Jayne gives you the tools to help you and they apply to every facet of your day-to-day, be it your career, personal relationships, or life goals. With Jayne’s help, I have been able to move forward and accomplish things that I thought were no longer possible. I achieved my goals after just three sessions and used the remaining time to set new goals – and achieved them, too! I will be forever grateful to Jayne for showing me how to help myself. New opportunities continue to open up for me, all because Jayne showed me the way.

– Diane Exline

I have done just about every exercise there is on finding your life’s passion and purpose but there was something missing. The hand analysis was spot on. It was as if Jayne knew me somehow. I believe a hand analysis is indispensable and invaluable to anyone wanting to live a passionate and purposeful life. I cannot thank you enough, I’m so glad there are people like you making such a huge difference helping others live the life they were meant to live.

– Abraham Contreras

Thank you, Jayne for your work with me around aligning with my life purpose. In the 6 months we worked together, you have helped me make a great leap. My one year goals were accomplished in less than 90 days. Achievements I couldn’t imagine possible are now part of my life. Our work together was of the utmost success. I am eternally thankful.”

– Sheri Taber

Jayne you changed my life! I am more confident and found my dream job. I’m physically and mentally healthier and finally feel proud about what I am doing for a career and proud of the person I am. I can see when I’m on the student path and can make adjustments. I’m more dedicated to my passions which feeds my soul! Your process is meaningful, organized, and you continue to be so incredibly supportive. You were phenomenal!

– Leslie Scotland-Stewart, VP Sales & Marketing, Connected Executive Coaching

Thank you Jayne, for our highly detailed and illuminating sessions. Having my hand prints analyzed was a new experience for me and the information was and is invaluable. Your talent and skills along with your ability to connect and present made for a wonderful session. You are an absolute delight!
I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

– Pam Hillyer, Spheres of Influence

I feel really good about achieving the goals I set out to achieve from your coaching service. You have no idea how much our conversations and the ‘homework’ meant to me and I feel very blessed to have spent time with you as you shared your wisdom and insight to help me find my true purpose. Through our sessions you truly helped me bring clarity to who I am and how to gracefully transition into this new phase of my journey through life. I can’t wait to get a move on and make it all happen. Take care and from the bottom of my heart – thank you!

– Cheryl Shipe

My journey is moving forward and upward! A number of things are in the works. I am following my true path. Thanks to you, Jayne, things are really moving in the correct direction. You put me on my path, you helped me see the light of my true path. Thank you so very much Jayne! As you know I have already referred you to several people, and I will continue to do that.

– Cindy Saylor

Hand analysis seemed like an affordable, scientific way to get insight into what direction I needed to go; not some hokey personality test, or expensive career coach. The results I got from Jayne’s hand analysis for me include insights that I know I will return to again and again. Jayne is a positive, joyful, highly intelligent coach with a gift for explaining abstract concepts in practical ways. To improve your self-confidence and define your personal path, hand analysis with Jayne is THE thing to do for yourself!

– Melissa Lefcourt

Your hand analysis for me was SO insightful and SO accurate! It was the validation I was seeking. Your talents are a blessing to this world. Your ability to direct people to their life purpose is amazing and awe-inspiring, thank you SO much!

– Phillis Shimamoto, Enneagram Practitioner & Instructor

Working with Jayne for several months this year has helped me in many ways. I am more passionate about life and my work. Perhaps my biggest joy has come from consciously understanding and embracing my true gifts and talents. My clarity of purpose has manifested itself in additional business clients. I feel more connected both internally and externally. Jayne is a real joy to work with, and her encouragement and support have helped me to move forward with confidence in my purpose.

– Rick Arthur, CFO

Thank you so much for your reading! You asked how I felt and I think I was just trying to sort it all out. However, now that some time has gone buy, I feel more settled because I know what I am meant to do! It explains why I am the way I am, why I do and say the things I do, and why all of that is perfectly OK. It also points out where I should be headed. What could be better than that?!

– Julie Larsen

Jayne didn’t know anything about me when she read my handprints. Her analysis was phenomenally accurate, deeply validating and spring-boarded me to take action towards my untapped potential. My life is on fire! Two thumbs up for Jayne’s skillfulness, clarity, warmth and sense of humor!!!

– Elizabeth Gherardi

Thanks to Jayne’s hand analysis, I went from not being able to pay my bills to nearly $30,000 in under two months! The analysis allowed me to embrace my gifts and step into my power, and then everything just started to flow. Receiving Jayne’s expert confirmation and reinforcement of my purpose and work was amazingly powerful and has changed my life in the best way!

– Vivian DeGuzman, HumanMRI

Working with Jayne has opened me up to a cascade of potential I was unaware of! Her brilliant insight has helped find new ways to overcome fear and procrastination. Her knowledge and no-nonsense approach has lead me to take action in the direction that I needed to launch new business ventures, new creative projects and the steps to work on to get to the next level.

– Gina Stenback

I wish I could put into words how grateful I am for all of the coaching, hand analysis and guidance. Thank you Jayne, for your encouragement and for believing in me. You have helped me peal back many layers and re-discover many passions….and now purpose! I am taking action, getting results already, and feeling more passion than I have felt in a very long time.

– Andy Gucciardo

I can’t tell you how wonderful this has been, on so many levels! It was worth 10 times the investment…even just one piece of juicy information was worth the cost of admission. Thank you so much Jayne! You’re a gift that will keep on giving!

– Diana Stephens, Grade School Teacher nearing retirement (and reinvention)

Jayne is amazing!! I really was unsure of what I would hear in my hand analysis report and if any of it would resonate with me. Well, Jayne brought up life experiences that I had not thought about in years, nor did I connect them with where I am today. This experience was revealing and confirming, and has set me on a path that I am very excited about. I have been vacillating between what I had been focusing on and what I my intuition told me I should be doing. This hand analysis has freed me to do what I am really excited about. Thank you Jayne!!

– Flo


– Viveka von Rosen

– Evelyn

– Sarah

– Sandra

– Max

Thank you for the wonderful session, your analysis of my hands was so enlightening! It really puts a fresh face on my entire life! Your reading propels me forward. Thank you for your encouragement! Again, much gratitude and many thanks for your gift and passion in the work that you do!

– A. Marshall

Going into this I really didn’t know what to expect and was quite cynical. I can honestly tell you that it was well worth my time and money. Jayne was able to pinpoint personality traits and talents that I don’t share with others. She gave me direction on how to utilize my strengths, which in turn has made me happier and given me balance. I recommend this for anyone! Not only is the experience extremely entertaining, but it is truly helpful.

– Holly

– Lauren

– Ingrid

Upon sitting down for my hand analysis, I was unsure of what to expect. But Jayne put me quickly at ease with her calm demeanor and evident passion for her work. Her observations of my previous life choices were intuitive, supportive, and sincere. And her insight into individual challenges, professional revelations and personal fulfillment were insightful and enlightening. Jayne’s analysis of my hands has proven to be of genuine use to me every single day.

– Logan

My hand analysis session with Jayne was affirming and, in some ways, surprising. By exploring the lines and markings on my hands, she told me about things I already knew but had not shared with anyone else. Jayne encouraged me to trust my instincts, share my thoughts openly and honestly, and consider pursuing a career interest that I abandoned years ago. The short time we spent together flew by and left me feeling empowered. I now realize that I can live life more fully by acting on what I know to be right for me, instead of trying to be what others expect me to be. It was a motivating and very positive experience!

– TC

– Aaron

– David

Amazed, that’s a great word to describe how I felt about my hand analysis by Jayne Sanders. Of course the skeptic in me reared it’s ugly head, but the accuracy in which Jayne described things that I already inherently knew to be true at a deep level left me with no doubt and quite pleased that there is something mysterious out there running things behind the scenes. Jayne’s services are a great gift to yourself or for a loved one, I would highly recommend!


After graduating college, I was confused about what I wanted out of life. My hand analysis gave me a unique insight into my life purpose. Thinking about the future is no longer intimidating, but exciting and motivating!


– Richard

– Ishwari

The experience was fun to do and also very insightful. Jayne was right on with her information, it was amazing! It made me look deeper at who I am now, and who I can become. Having those choices placed in front of you is inspiring!

– Tess

I was amazed at the extensive information provided from my hand analysis with Jayne Sanders. The information was so accurate and very insightful. It validated an area of my business that I wanted to go into more deeply and made the must needed transition a reality.


– Sherry

– Michelle

I just kept thinking…Wow! Not only is hand analysis itself fascinating, but Jayne’s deep insight was so profound and right on target! It’s amazing how all that information is right in your hands. I hadn’t thought about myself in some of those terms but I knew intuitively Jayne was right. And I also know – and here’s the exciting part – if I follow her advice my life will get even better!

– Kitty

Think of this experience with Jayne as the discovery to your own, “Secret Garden”. Everything you will find has been there all along. You just couldn’t see it because you didn’t have the key. And, what do you know? It was right there in the palm of your hand all along!

– Debbie

– SELee

Jayne is a natural leader, an exceptional facilitator. She can identify priorities and determine the order things should be done. She has the ability to absorb and grasp a lot of information and then put it into meaningful form with a plan. Her work with us was the best experience I’ve had in the 15 years I’ve been in this job. We were blown away by her work with us.”

Jayne is best at helping people figure out and understand their problems and challenges and then help them create a plan to overcome them. She can bring order to chaos. Her organizational skills are excellent.”

Jayne hears what you say and is very insightful, she has great listening skills.”

Jayne is so strong in her abilities, down to earth and comfortable to be around. People love her after they have had exposure to her on a personal level.”

Jayne is smart as a whip, very focused, and professional. She is the kind of person people seek out for advice. She is very real, direct, and honest.”

Bring Jane back next year!” “FABULOUS!” “So stimulating, so interactive – the time flowed amazingly fast.” “Loved this!” “Really enjoyed Jayne Sanders – she was energetic, witty, and funny – helped keep our energy level high.” “All feedback has been extremely positive!” “Outstanding!”

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NOTE: A hand analysis is the required first step for any of Jayne’s services (other than speaking at an event).

Once arrangements are finalized, you will be sent a handprint kit with instructions. Scan and email your prints to Jayne, or snailmail them back. It’s that simple! Then a fascinating and life-changing confidential webinar or phone appointment will be scheduled at your convenience.


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