Scientific Hand Analysis

If You…


  • Feel like something is missing, like a hole inside your chest or heart you can’t fill up…
  • Want to be the most authentic leader and role model you can be…
  • Want your team or employees to be on purpose and in their right work for more engagement, productivity, and retention…
  • Desire more fulfillment and meaning in your life…
  • Feel unfulfilled…frustrated…bored…stuck…
  • Are ready for a breakthrough, a change in any area of your life…
  • Forgot what it’s like to wake up inspired and excited about your day, every day…


What Are the Benefits of Hand Analysis?

“Thanks to Jayne’s hand analysis, I went from not being able to pay my bills to over $28,000 in two months! The analysis allowed me to embrace my gifts and step into my power, and then everything just started to flow. Receiving Jayne’s expert confirmation and reinforcement of my purpose and work was amazingly powerful and has changed my life in the best way!” Vivian DeGuzman, HumanMRI

“I have done just about every exercise there is on finding your life’s passion and purpose but there was something missing. The hand analysis was spot on. It was as if Jayne knew me somehow. I believe a hand analysis is indispensable and invaluable to anyone wanting to live a passionate and purposeful life. I cannot thank you enough, I’m so glad there are people like you making such a huge difference helping others live the life they were meant to live.” Abraham Contreras



  • Become a better leader, manager, person
  • Achieve more joy, fulfillment, peace of mind and success
  • Know your Life Purpose and live it (your work-type…not job description…of greatest potential and how you are meant to make a difference in the world)
  • Understand your special innate gifts and talents
  • Make a more meaningful contribution to the world
  • Wake up inspired and excited about your life and work every day!
  • Get your team on purpose with greater cohesiveness, morale, and performance
  • Know your Life Lesson; learn from it to make better choices and improve your life
  • Identify your blind spots and reduce challenges and obstacles
  • Clients say one hand analysis is comparable in learning and value to at least 1-3 years of personal growth, self-improvement work, or psychotherapy!
  • Understand your relationship issues and heal them
  • Discover greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Increase your intuition
  • Increase your self-confidence, step into, and own your power
  • Give yourself permission to be authentically YOU and to know exactly why you came into this life AND know how to live that life more fully
  • Answer the big “Whys” in your life


Here’s What You Receive:

  • A handprint kit to take your prints, with instructions
  • Jayne’s complete analysis of your prints in advance of your session
  • A full one-hour session to receive the amazing information in your hands, which includes but is not limited to:
    • your innate life purpose
    • your life school (the over-arching energy of your life)
    • your life lesson (your biggest obstacle to living on purpose)
    • any special gift markings (indications of special potential talent…very important!)
    • description of your heart line (relationship style), head line (thinking and decision style), and life line
    • descriptions of all other key markings in your hands
  • A link to download your audio recording of our phone call
  • A 4-page summary report of your key hand analysis information
  • A 30” follow-up phone call to ask questions, get additional clarity on any of your markings, and briefly explore if Purpose Coaching is a fit for you

What is the investment for this positive impact on the rest of your life? Jayne’s fee is $697. Others charge up to $1,497 for a hand analysis and don’t include as many extras.

NOTE: If you met Jayne at an event, or were referred to her by a friend,
please contact her through this website for special pricing.


Our hands contain specific information like a blueprint that uncovers the answers to these questions and much more. It’s your unique story of who you are and why you are here.

Science Reveals Truth! Your hands give you a mini-map of your brain, your purpose, your personality, challenges, blind spots, and special gifts and talents. The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain. Of course God would give us a roadmap to our deepest selves and issues!

Researchers gathered and coded data for decades to develop the SHA system…40 years and 65,000 pairs of hands. It is NOT ‘fortune-telling!’

Neither do its results depend on the honesty or self-awareness of the person being read, such as with the popular and often helpful Myers-Briggs personality test. The latter scores one’s perception of the world and decision-making style, and has been criticized for being inconsistent…up to 75% of retests will yield a different result as it is self-administered.

Hand Analysis information is consistent and is independent of client input. It provides much more breadth and depth about purpose, personality, special gifts and talents, challenges, potential, and approach to relationships, work, and life. Hand analysis addresses the big Why’s, in addition to the How’s. Many therapists, counselors, coaches, and even geneticists and neurologists use this fascinating, complex, and life-changing tool.

Why neurologists? The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain. Consistent thought and behavior patterns not only mark your brain but also your hands. The more frequent and/or intense the thoughts and behaviors, the more defined the lines in your hands. Therefore…

Your hands contain information about your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Whether you are aware of them or not, your behavior patterns, challenges, personality elements, approach to work, and innate talents are shown in the lines in your hands.

Discovering your challenges and life lessons through hand analysis is very empowering! Changes can be made when awareness is embraced and action is taken. Positive, life-improving changes! You can reclaim control over your life by understanding your blind spots and what holds you back from the success and fulfillment you crave. Becoming aware of these issues and taking action to improve them can actually change the lines in your hands!

Your fingerprints are formed in utero at 14-16 weeks, and never change. The code embedded in your fingerprints, including any fingerprints you may have in the palms of your hands, reveals your life purpose, life lesson, and life ‘school.’

Your Life Purpose: Your reason for being here. Your purpose is not specifically what you do, rather it is who you are, how you live your life, how you contribute to the world, how you are meant to make a difference. You then decide, often with support and Purpose Coaching, how to joyfully express that purpose through your work in a way that is fulfilling to you.

Your Spiritual School: We are all here to master certain aspects of life, and were born with various levels of development of our soul. Your school will show up in all areas of your life—you can’t escape it. When you understand which spiritual school you are in, and its challenging elements, you will get more clarity on how to achieve and live your purpose.

Your Life Lesson: Everyone is born with an amazing life purpose and also a foundational challenge, or life lesson, which is your key weakness or blind spot that needs to be worked on in order to step fully into your purpose. Your life lesson is the “key to your hand”…learning this aspect is enormously empowering and life-changing…if you take action on this information!

The Secret: Without knowing and consciously working on your life lesson, it is VERY difficult to achieve your life purpose and reach your highest potential. You will continue to face the same challenges and negative patterns over and over again, keeping you from the success, joy and fulfillment you deserve and were meant to experience. Again, this is where Purpose Coaching can make all the difference.

Discovering your life purpose and lesson through hand analysis is extremely transformational, fascinating, and life-changing for those who take action on the information revealed!!

Your Special Gifts and Talents: Developers of the hand analysis system determined 18 markings that identify people’s innate and very special extra gifts and talents. Not everyone has a gift marking, and even fewer people have multiple gifts.

Also, generally speaking, the more gift markings you have, the more complicated your life can be. We are meant to use the gifts, they were given to us for a reason…to help people. If we aren’t familiar with what our gifts are, and we aren’t using them, life complications arise to motivate us to step into our power and talents! The complications are reminders, wake-up calls meant to propel us to use our gifts, live our purpose, and make our specific difference in the world. In any event, gift markings are very special and indicate our unique abilities to help others

NOTE: If you met Jayne at an event, or were referred to her by a friend,
please contact her through this website for special pricing.


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