A Challenging Time…

During a challenging period when my corporate work no longer fulfilled me, my parents died just three months apart. Their passing made me realize how fast life goes by, and compelled me to wonder if I was making a big enough difference in the world. Was I really helping people as deeply and as best as I could? Was I being authentic to my calling, gifts and skills? I knew my speaking and training business delivered great value, and made a difference – feedback from clients and audience participants told me that. But I wanted to make sure I was on track with my innate purpose, my reason for being here. I didn’t know what that purpose was! I never felt completely on target with my career, as successful at it was. Something was always missing. I felt intuitively that the world was and is transforming, and I didn’t want to be left behind. For months I conducted a focused search for more meaning and fulfillment through discovering and living my life purpose. I desired complete authenticity and was not going to stop until I found how to live it.

What I Discovered…

I discovered what I was looking for, and it changed my life! It’s even better than it already was! What I discovered that got me to this wonderful place was Scientific Hand Analysis, the foundational module of my Purpose & Passion mentoring work. (Please see Work With Jayne.)

My Roots…

Born and raised in southern Illinois, my Midwestern roots still influence my friendly, approachable demeanor, which can disarm and delight at the same time. Hearing an occasional “Well, hell’s bells!” or “I’m on that like green on grass, white on rice, and a duck on a June bug!” is not uncommon. At the same time, I offer deeply insightful observations, sound solutions, and a quick wit.

My professional background includes an undergraduate major in Speech/Journalism with emphasis in Communications and Psychology. I then earned a Masters in Business Administration. In the corporate world I moved swiftly up the ranks of marketing management for eight years, then left for a more entrepreneurial position as SVP of Sales and Account Service for an international corporate identity firm, where I broke sales records and acquired numerous Fortune 500 accounts.

Wanting to contribute even more and help people at deeper levels, I then founded my professional speaking and consulting business and spoke in the corporate world on topics including authenticity and courage, work/life balance, finding and living your passion, GenderSmart® communication, and presentation skills. My book, GenderSmart – Solving the Communication Puzzle Between Men and Women, has been published in five countries.

Words describing me that come from my various respected coaches, mentors, mastermind peers, personality assessments, and of course the hand analysis conducted on me, include wise, precisely insightful, honest and bold, visionary leader, gifted problem-solver, compassionate, gracious, loving, expressive, fun, forward-thinking, independent, spiritual teacher, sage, intuitive, powerful, courageous, highly intelligent, passionate, and shamanic healer. (Those are the good words, anyway…lol)

Equine Connection…

Walking my talk as a consultant and transformational catalyst with first-hand knowledge of the importance of play and joy, I am also an avid horsewoman, often seen galloping along trails on one of my horses, either Darby or Comet. My impassioned “YEE-HAW!”s or “YA-HOO!”s can sometimes be heard echoing through the fields. Get me on the subject of how horses have positively impacted my life and you will have quite a lengthy but engaging and impassioned conversation! See Equine Friends for more information about my equine-inspired life.


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