Equine Friends

A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character.

…Frederico Tesio, considered the most successful thoroughbred breeder in the history of racing.

Like many little girls, as a child I dreamed of riding horses but didn’t start lessons until about 1990, and then only intermittently. Everything changed in 1998, however, when I started doing volunteer work at a public riding ranch in Malibu.

For nearly nine years, I spent weekends taking people on rides in the hills of Malibu, working with nearly 30 different horses and their varying breeds, gaits, personalities, skill levels, and temperaments. This experience shaped the foundation of my knowledge today. I bought my first horse in 2000 and haven’t looked back!

To me and many other equine enthusiasts, horses represent freedom, trust, courage, deep connection, intuition, and unique communication…the same qualities I bring to Innovative Purpose work. The intuitive and wise approach that horses bring to interactions with humans hooked me from the very beginning. I love horse whispering, performing “join-up” Robert Redford style, and teaching others as well.

My involvement with horses completely changed my life. I am committed to sharing this joyful metamorphosis and evolution with people who desire more personal or professional insight, growth, fulfillment, and success.

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man (person) . …Winston Churchill
The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears …Arabian proverb
Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope! …Toni Robinson
Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.    …Vaclav Havel

Here are some photos and a few poems (I calls them my rhyming emotions) about my closest equine friends:

Heart Of No Pretense

His gentleness dwarfed by deceptive disguise
He, his soul, every cell breathes grandiose size.
High massive shoulders anchor head immense
While cradling between them heart of no pretense.


Feathery white lashes cling aloft big brown orbs

Vigilantly surveilling territory unexplored.
A signature snortle confesses his fear
An endearing timbre I helplessly revere.


Mammoth is his love, loyal and sublime
Into enlightened reflection, he accompanied my climb.
Blossoming unguarded, my spirit bestows
Infinite devotion for my majestic, enchanting Bo.


Jayne Sanders 2/20/01


The sledgehammer struck without warning or care
Slamming my heart with shock and despair.
Past half-eaten hay and a violated gate
Stared a void that once cradled my chestnut soulmate.
He fearfully foretold what none of us could see
That in the early haze she would take him from me.
Never before had I a connection so deep
Nor a loss, a fall, so severe and jaggedly steep.
Unanswered grasped my letter and frantic calls
Raw and bleak stood his forlorn, empty stall.
For three tortured months tears ruled, then waned
As bruised living trudged on and healing I feigned.
Then in the chills of December I felt his heart
Silently crying to me from dawn to dark.
With fear draped in hope I reached out once more
This time, miraculously, her steely grip tore.
So willingly into the trailer he strode
Like a war-torn soldier, he was going home.
With four prancing feet and two eyes alight
He knew, in the flesh, we would soon reunite.
Tearfully trembling and soaring with vivid joy
I welcomed him home, my cherished big red boy.
It was over, our severed life, with its grievous toll
We belong, this horse and I, together one, whole.


Jayne Sanders 1/30/05


Turning Home

Nightly copper, she flashed ruby in sunlight

Whispering nickers as her wranglers came in sight.

Her generous, steadfast heart and satin gaits

Convinced riders’ fears and aches to disintegrate.
Endearingly cinchy, of warm arrogant perfection

She preferred, when steered the long way, the other direction.

At most crossroads she tried turning home, going back

Calling for focus and muscle to thwart rider hijack.
We knew her as Little Lady’s cherished best friend
More recently, as sweet Apache’s healing godsend.
She was Natalie’s favorite mount and artistic muse
She was Judy’s beloved trail partner, her pillowy refuge.
Her mission graciously fulfilled, she chose to part

Swiftly leaving the ranch and deeply bruised hearts.

With great resolve, at a profoundly final crossroads

Jasmine turned home, and into our memories she strode.


Jayne Sanders 9/15/03

Her Whisper

Through the viscous night her whisper came

Faint but urgent, an undousable flame.
Softly awakening me yet undeniably intent
She asked me for freedom, she gave her consent.


As dark fell to light, her women friends gathered
And brushed clear her soil, to them it mattered.
Carrots and grain tantalized her throat
As needled amber juice set her misery afloat.


She walked once more strong to her passage site
So willing to go, to release her plight.
From all corrals nigh not a sound escaped
Yet equine farewells draped the landscape.


Awash in palpable love from cowgirls near
Her head in my arms, damp with my tears
Little Lady met bliss on Christmas Eve morn
With two closing breaths her soul was reborn.


Jayne Sanders 2/25/01


Snorting to warn the lions he forges ahead

Sun flashing his coat from brown to coppery red.

Wilderness adventures light his eyes aglow

My eager friend, my courageous explorer, my Hero.
Loving the forest, sometimes spooky yet brave

He always chooses the trail, not the way home paved.

His soft back pillows me as we explore new sights

Pushing through brush, branches and fear, his courage ignites.
Once safely returned his endearing nickers begin

Demanding treats, a neck hug, and scratches for his skin.

For massages and whispered secrets he’ll move not a bit
We are bonded, friends, both human and horse smitten.
Must I release him, let him go so soon,

Our partnership scarcely having time to bloom?

My heart weeps loudly but my mind knows yes

And my soul sees that for a time, I was indeed blessed.


Jayne 11/14/02



Jayne and Gang on Zuma Fireroad
Jayne and Gang on Zuma Fireroad
Jayne and Merry in Mustard Field
Jayne and Merry in Mustard Field
Jayne and Lady on Zuma Beach
Jayne and Lady on Zuma Beach
Jayne and Beau in Mustard Field
Jayne and Beau in Mustard Field
Jayne on Beau
Jayne on Beau
Jayne and The Gang
Jayne and The Gang
Beau Close-up
Beau Close-up
Jayne with Comet and Beau
Zuma Loop
Zuma Loop
Jayne and Beau
Jayne and Beau
Jayne With Beau
Jayne With Beau
Comet Glamour

Comet Glamour

Darby in the Snow
Darby in the Snow
Darby in the Snow
Darby in the Snow
Jayne with Comet and Darby in the Snow

Jayne with Comet and Darby in the Snow


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