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With an uncanny ability to connect quickly to my audiences, my expertise, authenticity, and down-to-earth warmth engages them and keeps them riveted to the stage.

Clients call me a provocative and tantalizing speaker. I will enthrall and mesmerize your employees or members with a highly interactive presentation about the fascinating technology of Scientific Hand Analysis and how it can impact personal and professional success. Volunteers flock to the stage to get their mini-readings after learning about hand analysis and identifying some of the markings in their own hands!

I  have spoken at events featuring, and in some cases co-hosted live TV events with, Suze Orman, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mary Lou Retton, and many other notables. With keynotes and workshops, I reach audiences nationwide at conventions, conferences, women’s events, retreats, off-sites, awards banquets, and spouse programs. My clients include many Fortune 1000 companies, the trade associations that serve them, and other organizations and events.

With my passion for Hand Analysis and 20 years’ experience delivering highly engaging keynotes and workshops, this presentation is a guaranteed success and will keep people buzzing long afterwards.

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Below are downloadable one-sheets that outline my general presentation:

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Your Hands Will Tell You! How Scientific Hand Analysis Impacts Personal and Professional Success

Live Your True Design! And Capture the Joy, Purpose, and Fulfillment You Crave In Life and Work

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“Any group looking for a unique and truly valuable program should book Jayne Sanders. She is a consummate, engaging professional and a top notch speaker. I was captivated, as were my colleagues, by her energy, expertise, and sense of humor. I found her presentation so compelling I had to engage Jayne to do my analysis – and I found it to be accurate, insightful, actionable, and powerful. Her topic, “Purpose and Scientific Hand Analysis,” is fascinating – and worthwhile – for any audience, especially for professionals. You’ll learn about the accuracy, science, and credibility of this amazing work. I highly recommend you contact Jayne for a presentation to your group. She’ll change your life.”  —Mary Medley, CPAFMA

“Jayne Sanders has spoken at two of my events, always with solid success. She is very engaging, entertaining, interactive, and my participants LOVE learning about Scientific Hand Analysis! The topic is fascinating and Jayne makes it fun and valuable to any audience. She is a consummate professional! Thank you Jayne!”  —Tobi Hunt, Professional Business Match Maker and Event Planner

“If you belong to a group that values unique and provocative programs, hire Jayne Sanders. She is a warm, engaging professional and obviously an experienced speaker. I was captivated, as were our members, by her high energy, knowledge, and humor. After her presentation I ran to the silent auction table to bid on her analysis…and won! Her program about Purpose and Scientific Hand Analysis is truly fascinating for any audience, especially for professionals. It speaks to both personal and professional development and success. You will be very happy if you invite Jayne to speak to your group!” —Chele Clark, Program Chair and Past President, SGMP Rocky Mountain 2017 Fall Educational Conference

“I have booked Jayne numerous times because her topic of Scientific Hand Analysis is interesting and always well-attended. Her presentations are fun, lively, and always a hit. She is very easy to work with as well as generous and kind. I’m looking forward to having her speak again soon!”  —Dianne Fresquez

“Jayne Sanders is a skilled, passionate, professional and engaging speaker. I host dozens of guest speakers per year through my women’s community in Boulder, CO and I can say, without hesitation, that Jayne is one of the best speakers we have ever had. She astounded me with her generosity during her presentation, delivering tons of valuable content and ensuring that each participant was cared for. If you are looking for a guest speaker who will captivate your audience and leave you feeling proud to have shared with your community, Jayne is an excellent choice.” —Jessie May, Founder of Daring Divas

“Bring Jane back next year!” “FABULOUS!” “So stimulating, so interactive – the time flowed amazingly fast.” “Loved this!” “Really enjoyed Jayne Sanders – she was energetic, witty, and funny – helped keep our energy level high.” “All feedback has been extremely positive!” “Outstanding!” —Typical comments regarding Jayne’s presentations 

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How to Read Your Heartline

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Read Forbes.com Article about me and Hand Analysis!



Read Forbes.com Article about Jayne and Hand Analysis!


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