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To help my clients discover and achieve their authenticity, purpose and passions in a unique and powerful way, Jayne’s work combines the deep and provocative insight of hand analysis, coaching and consulting experience, loving wisdom and intuition, and Law Of Attraction guidance. Here’s how each service contributes to her clients’ change, awakening, purposeful living, joy, fulfillment, and authenticity:


A full one-hour analysis including interpretation of innate life purpose, special gifts and talents, blind spots and challenges, and more. Clients receive a handprint kit, Jayne’s advance work, the one-hour life-changing analysis phone call, a downloadable recording, 4-page summary report, and a 30-minute laser coaching follow-up call!


Work with Jayne to live your purpose-based life and work, achieve clarity and fulfillment, step into your natural gifts and power, feel passionate about your life again, increase your business, improve relationships, and more! (Yes, all this is possible through the depth and profound information available to you in your hands, combined with Jayne’s coaching skills and support!)


After 20 years as a professional speaker, Jayne knows how to enthrall and mesmerize your participants, members, employees or attendees with a highly interactive presentation about this amazing technology. She teaches about Scientific Hand Analysis, how it impacts personal and professional success, and also how the Law of Attraction plays an important role. Volunteers flock to the stage to get a mini-analysis and learn some of the markings in their own hands.


Free 30” phone call with Jayne to explore possibilities. If you would like to talk with Jayne to explore the possibilities of working with her, just apply for a FREE Discovery Session.


Jayne honors and respects your privacy and the security of your information. She will not reveal to anyone that you are a client without permission or without knowing you are happy to share the word (which many clients are!). She shreds all payment information immediately after taking payments, and keeps handprints in her secure Dropbox folder and locked files in her office. Her Virtual Assistant has signed a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. You are safe to work with Jayne! Integrity and reliability are prominent in her handprints.


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